St Patrick’s Church

Iskaheen Parish


St. Patricks of Iskaheen

St. Patrick’s underwent a major renovation in 1896 when a sacristy was added.

The Bishop of Derry Dr O’Doherty dedicated the church (probably for the first time) on Sunday the 7th of June 1896.

Before this the original church was a simple rectangular structure, with the altar on one side of the longer walls. There would have been a thatched roof, no seats and the floor earthen.

The original windows in the church were replaced, after the renovation of 1896, with the present stain glass windows. These were executed by Messrs Mayer & Co. of Munich sometime between 1880 and 1905.

The next major renovation took place in 1982 for the bi-centenary, where the church was closed for 6 months and following that, one in 2003. St. Patricks was also renovated in 1975 by Father Eddie McColgan.

In 1910 a new school was opened at Ture and in 1936 a Parochial House at Isakeheen was opened.
This was followed by the opening in 1955 of St. Marys Hall and in 1963 the Sacred Heart Church in Muff.


The parish of Iskaheen & Upper Moville has a long history going back to 1811.

Stretching from close to Moville, to the border at Muff, it covers a wide area.

There are currently about 5000 parishioners in the parish, served by three churches and two priests.

I hope you find this site informative and helpful.

  Father John Farren.

Iskaheen Parish